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Georgian Pharmaceutical Industry


      The history of Neopharmi foundation begins from the 13th of May 1997. It is already 21 years that Neopharmi services in the public health care. The industry portfolio mainly is presented by native, innovated, originally, proprietary, quality, safety and high effected medical remedies which authors are Georgian famouse scient researchers, pharmaceutists and doctors.


   For today pharmaceutical industry Neopharmi serialy products more than 200named of medical remedies. 40 of them have the unique receipes. The medical remedies, manufactured by Neopharmi, according to the pharmacological group and medical appertain are many-sided. The industry serialy manufactures many kinded of tinctures, extracts, syrupes, herbal oils, capsules, tablets (between them sparkling tablets), ointments, eye drops, emplastoes and herbal substances.

     Mainly Neopharmi is oriented and established at the basis of scient researches to be created and producted innovative and native medical remedies. For Neopharmi products, by the using of modern technology, are maintained naturally and biologically active substances harmony in natural condition.  


   Neopharmi lucky executes projects for the base creation of the solid raw materials with the purpose of medical herbs growing and industrial plantations creation in the mountains of Georgia and ecologically cleaned regions. .


   Step by step Neopharmi stability continues development. The guarantee of development is high qualified pharmaceutists of Neopharmi and establishment potencial of scientist.




   “Neopharmi – for your health”


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