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Tinctura Valerianae 25 ml
Paramedical mean

Tinctura Valerianae

Dosage form: Inner dropps.

Composition: Valeriana rhizomes with roots - 5 g.

Alcohol 70% - sufficient amount for preparing 25ml tincture.

Pharmacological operation: Biologically active substances contained in the roots and rhizomes of Valerian reduces excitability of central nervous system, strengthens operation of sleeping and spasmolytic means.

Indication: Different neurosis: vegetative neurosis, climacteric neurosis, excitability, insomnia, tenseness;

Contra-indication: Additional sensitivity towards the components of the preparation;

Administration and dosage rule: Perorally administered.

For adults- 20-30 drops 3-4 times a day;

For children – so many drops how old is a child.

Side effects: The drug is well tolerated. Long-term usage may suppress the emotional reactions, decreased capacity of work, sleep, allergic reactions.

In cases of individual intolerance may cause allergic reactions.

Pregnancy and lactation period: Usage of the preparation during the pregnancy and lactation period  is allowed  with  doctor’s prescription.

Influence on ability of driving motor transport and mechanisms: After receiving the drug should be careful with driving mechanisms, based on the fact that the drug acts on the capability concentration of attention and rapid response.

Overdose: Long-term usage of the drug in high doses can cause a drop speed of psychomotor reactions.

Drug Interactions: The drug administration with the central nervous system depressing means potentiate their effects.

Packing: 25ml  tincture in an orange glass and in a polymeric bottle with dropper and scrwed cover.

Sheif-life: 3 years.

In case of visual defects and expiry of validity date, the preparation can not be used.

Storage: Store on 15-25ºC temperature in a protected from light place and keep away from children.

Issue: III group of a pharmaceutical product - issued without doctor’s


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