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Aloe juice 50 ml
Paramedical mean

Composition: g/100 ml.

Dry extract of aloe-1,4 g, Ethyl alcohol 96 %; Soribc acid; Distilled water - with required amount for filling 100 ml;

Aloes juice consists anthraglycosides, vitamin K, mucous substances.


Pharmacological operation:

It is characterized with bactericidal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant operation. Strengthens secretion of intestinal tract glands, bile-expelling, appetite, improves digestion process, it has weak diarrhea operation. Contains biogenic stimulators; strengthens skin and mucous membrane regeneration processes.



  •  Chronic hypoid gastritis, enterocolitis, chronic constipation.
  •  Lack of appetite;
  •  Decrease of resistance ability of the organism toward infectious diseases;
  •  Acute rhinitis;
  •  ulcerative stomatitis;
  •  Purulent wounds, scorch, tropic ulcers, furunculosis, dermatitis, skin tuberculosis, radiation skin diseases;
  •  Cervical erosion, colpitis.



  •  Hemoric bleeding, metroragy (due to the strengthening of blood flow in abdominal cavity organs);
  •  Cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, Crone disease, ulcerous enterocolitis;
  •  Diffuse glomerulonephritis.



Long application of a preparation can cause organism pauperisation of potassium and strengthening of action cardiac glycoside, antiarrhytmic preparations.

At combined applications with thiazide(-type) diuretic, liquorice preparations and corticosteroid the risk of occurrence of deficiency potassium raises.


Side effects:

For diarrhea goal, long and overdose application of preparation may cause depression of large intestine peristalsis because of irritation of mucous membrane.


Using rule and dosage:

Peroral: 1 teaspoon 2-3 times in a day 20-30 minutes earlier before eating.

Treating course: 15-30 days.

wveTebis saxiT: 5-8 wveTi TiTo nestoSi 2-3-jer dReSi (an 2-3 wveTi 3-4-jer dReSi).

For external use: Like poultice;

Gynecologic Practice - like tampons.


Production form: 50ml orange glass vials or polyethylene.


Fit for using: 2 years.


Storage conditions: Store at room temperature in a dark and dry place, inaccessible for children.


Order of issue: without doctor's recipe.


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